Brakes for Trailers – New Quad Vehicle.

Brakes for Trailers – New quad vehicle for agriculture.

Trailer Brakes
Trailer Brakes by TractAir Ltd

Quadzilla unveils new budget ATV.

There are now well over 10 different ATV brands marketing machines in the UK that range price-wise from just under £2,000 to well in excess of £10,000.

Lincolnshire ATV maker Quadzilla has traditionally positioned itself at the lower end of the price range. Its latest model – the Terrain 500 – is no different, providing go-anywhere 4×4 capability for just £3,500.

ATV sales have been going through something of a boom period since last autumn because slug pressure forced farmers to spend the wet early-spring months peppering fields with pellets. And they are also outselling their farm buggy alternatives because they’re less than half the weight and far more capable of getting around slimy winter fields (the Terrain 500 weighs just 330kg).

The new 35hp model is based on the Quadzilla’s 500ES machine and uses a 500cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled motor. Power is directed through a selectable two- or four-wheel CVT drive with front wheel diff-lock.

All-round independent suspension should soak up the bumps and improve traction in the field and the generous-sounding spec also includes full-size front and rear racks, road legal kit and a tow bar and electric front winch.

This means you can tow a sizable trailer or attach a sizable piece of equipment. We do however recommend you use a braking system on your towed trailer. As you can imagine, a short vehicle attempting to stop the ever demanding loads we expect of our agricultural vehicles is at time quite exciting. Luckily TractAir Ltd have trailer braking systems that can improve your safety.

Many thanks to Farmers Weekly for the initial investigation.

Air Brakes
Air Brakes

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