An exciting show at Lamma this year.

It was a great show this year. We had a great response to the stand. The new tractors and Air Brake Systems were examined by more people than last year. We had some great feedback on the demonstration Air Brakes that we had set up. Some of our Clients were there to greet us and pay us compliments. Which of course always makes my head swell.

After a busy first day I thought my legs would not hold up for the remainder, but with the support and entheusiasm not only of the TractAir Team but the visitors too, there was a buzz in the air that made it all worth while.

As soon as I got back and checked my InBox it was full of request for information and yes! requests for purchases.

Air Brakes at Lamma

The staff at TractAir would like to send a million thanks to all who visited and a special thank you to the people who paid us compliments, I have passed on your appreciation to our Team. We shall be visiting again next year. For anyone who missed us then please get in touch. We are always pleased for you to visit our premises. You can find us here.

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