Air Brakes for New Holland T4

Air Brakes for New Holland T4.

Air Brakes

Proven Technology- New Holland T4 Air Brake System.


With new tractors like the New Holland T4 being produced with bigger engines and able to carry larger loads at higher speeds, TractAir Air Brakes offer significant braking to improve the tractors performance both on road and off road.

The new New Holland T4 builds on success and durability. Power, efficiency and flexibility of these legendary tractors. Improvements, design, efficient hydraulics, and many other options are a keen factor when purchasing.  A retrofit Air Brake System is also a valued improvement. With the new laws that are to come throughout the European Union and many other countries globally, we are creating safer Air Brake System for the New Holland T4 .

The New Holland T4 – Air Brakes retrofit kit is now available from TractAir Ltd.
Merciless and relentless testing is the key to ensuring our tractors deliver the reliability you expect from New Holland T4 System.  So you can rest assured that your new New Holland T4 air brake kit is built to endure.

The New Holland T4 Brakes are designed by TractAir to retro fit the existing Tractor. You can purchase these from us by contacting us via our Contact Us page.


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Spare Parts for Air Brakes


We have a wide and varied selection of parts and components. If you are in the market for any of our high quality, in stock items then please visit our spare parts pages.
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Products and Services


We have a range of products and services to meet the requirements of all sectors of Air Brake Systems customers. We can manufacture to your specification and deliver a high quality product at a very competitive price.
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Need to collect parts, goods or machinery, or visit our premises. Please see our Contacts page. It has all the information you need to get in touch with us.
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If you deal in Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial or Rail Air Brake Systems and/or compressors then we would like to hear from you. Please visit our dealers page for more information.
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Below is a list of translations for the word for Air Brakes. Some countries still refer to modern Brakes as Neumatic Brakes.


freni pneumatici per trattori in Italia (Italy).
воздушные тормоза для тракторов в Италии (Russia).
freins à air pour les tracteurs en France (France).
freins à air pour les tracteurs en Espagne (Spain).
freins à air pour les tracteurs en Allemagne (Germany).
hamulce pneumatyczne do ciągników w Polsce (Poland).
vzduchové brzdy pre traktory na slovenskom (Slovakia).
tryckluftsbromsar för traktorer i sweeden (Sweeden).
luchtremmen voor trekkers in holland (Holland).
paineilmajarrut traktorit Suomi (Finland).
freios a ar para tratores em Portugal (Portugal).
ट्रैक्टर के लिए हवा ब्रेक (Hindi).
空氣制動系統拖拉機 (Chinese Traditional).
فرامل الهواء للجرارات (Arabia)
日本ではトラクターのためのエアブレーキ (Japan).

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