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Frequently Asked Questions, about TractAir, our Air Brakes, Air Brake Systems, Retrofit Kits for Tractors, Trailers, Agricultural Vehicles, Rail Vehicles and Industrial Compressors.


Do you have a brochure?

Click to Download TractAir Brochure.

Do you sell spares?

TractAir supply many spare parts for all popular makes of Air Brake Systems. We also stock spares for our own brand and our bespoke Trailer Brakes.

Do you deliver?

TractAir distribute Air Brake Systems within the UK and Europe. We can deliver to any destination globally. If you would like any further information then please go to our contacts page to request further details.

Are we looking for agents and distributors?

Yes, especially in countries outside the UK.

Can I keep my hydraulic brakes when fitting air brakes to my trailer?

Yes, but they should not be used at the same time as air brakes

How much does it cost to fit air brakes to my tractor/trailer?

This can vary considerably depending on the make and model of tractor and the existing specification of the trailer. Please contact TractAir for details

Why are air brakes better than hydraulic brakes?

They are more powerful than hydraulic brakes and most trailers can be fitted with an optional load sensing valves to graduate the brakes depending on the load being carried which helps reduce the possibility of the brakes locking and creating flat spots on expensive trailer tyres

Can I fit ABS to my tractor/trailer?

An ABS harness and socket can be fitted to most modern tractors relatively easily. ABS can be fitted to most trailers as long as the brake drums incorporate ABS exciter rings

Do the air brakes on my trailer affect the tractor brake system?

Not directly as they only power the trailer brakes, but in doing so they reduce wear and tear on the tractor brakes that are only designed to stop the tractor not an additional trailer and are very expensive to replace

Do I have to add any parts to the TractAir kit?

Tractor kits are supplied with all the parts that are required. Trailer brake kits include all the parts required with the exception of the mounting brackets for the components that need to be attached to the trailer

Do you sell spare parts for my tractor / trailer air brake system?

Yes, we can offer most air brake components as spare parts, but please contact us with your tractor’s make, model, year of manufacture and serial number, or trailer’s details including gross weight, number of axles, type of suspension and existing brake configuration to help us identify your exact requirements

Can I buy on line?

We provide a personal service for all our clients. If you wish us to contact you about our excellent products and services then please see our contacts page.

Do you except credit card payment?

Not at the moment, but we do accept Cheques, Bank Transfers and Standing Orders. We are however working on a Credit Card System.

Can I fit tractor air brake kit myself?

No, they can only be fitted by TractAir at our factory in Brough, East Yorkshire, or by agricultural tractor distributors, or agricultural engineering company. The reason for this is because the installation involves tapping into the tractor’s engine oil supply, the brake and electrical systems and on some tractor’s the air conditioning system has to be drained prior to fitting the kit and then recharged afterwards. In addition to this many of the latest generation of tractors also have to have the on-board computer system reprogrammed

Do you have someone that can come out to fit an air brake system?

We only fit tractor air brake kits at our factory in Brough, East Yorkshire as it has never been economically viable to visit customers around the UK. We do not fit trailer air brakes as these are relatively easily fitted by agricultural tractor distributors or agricultural engineering company, as well as farmers with competent engineering experience and workshop facilities.

Are air brakes a legal requirement?

In some countries yes, but not in the UK at present, but there is a draft proposal within the European Union for them to become a requirement on all new tractors during the next year or two. However in the UK VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) are becoming very active stopping and checking the brakes on trailer combinations on the public highway. Tractor manufacturers are also tightening up on warranty claims for worn out tractor brakes and rejecting claims where there is evidence that the trailer brakes are not operating within the current legal efficiency requirements

Are fitting instructions included?

Yes- (schematic)

Does the system need to be maintained? , If so how often?

Yes- periodic maintenance of the trailer braking is highly recommended. We recommend Annual servicing although each tractor/trailer is different.

Does the system need to be drained of the build up of condensation, if so how often?

Yes- Auto drain valves are recommended(optional) but if not the reservoirs on both towing vehicle and trailer should be drained to prevent moisture ingress to critical valves.