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Air Brake Systems

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TractAir Air Brakes Systems for Agriculture.

TractAir Ltd has been involved closely in the development of air braking technologies in agricultural and other off road sectors since 1985, and continues to keep a close eye on evolving European legislation relating to braking systems.
Our systems offer massively improved response, progression, power and feel when compared with traditional hydraulic trailer braking.
We supply many major OE manufacturers as well as retro fit kits to tractor dealers and distributors. While successfully operating worldwide with global organisations, the company is family owned and remains flexible and able to look after customers on a personal basis.
We have designs for a huge number of makes and models and are always expanding our range. Please contact us to see how we can help you.
As well as air brake systems for tractors and trailers we can offer tyre inflation systems, ABS, spare parts and upgrades to your existing brake system.

Tractors are constantly getting bigger and faster, and the size of the trailers and their loads have grown proportionately. It is one thing to pull a heavily loaded trailer, but it is quite another to stop both tractor and trailer quickly and safely.
The hydraulic foundation brakes fitted to the tractor at the factory are not sufficient to stop a laden trailer on the highway. rear axle mtv assem powerfarmFor this reason, there is a growing demand (and legislation) for air brake systems to be installed to any tractor pulling large loads on the roads. Air brakes apply the brakes on the trailer quicker, with greater control. Air brake systems reduce jack-knife situations, as the trailer starts to brake a fraction before the tractor. They also reduce the very expensive wear on the tractor’s foundation brakes and engine.
TractAir air brake systems can be fitted on the original production line or retrofitted to most models of tractor by a competent agricultural engineer.




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We have a range of products and services to meet the requirements of all sectors of Air Brake Systems customers. We can manufacture to your specification and deliver a high quality product at a very competitive price.

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