CTIS [Central Tyre Inflation System]

Tyre pressures are critical if you want to get the best from your machine whilst avoiding soil damage and wasted fuel. The Tractair CTIS tyre pressure control system will save fuel, reduce ground compaction and reduce tyre wear by allowing you to maintain the correct tyre pressures for varying loads, field conditions and speeds. In the field, low pressures are needed to spread the weight of the machine and to maximise grip. Conversely on the road higher pressures are needed to give stability, fuel efficiency and minimum tyre wear. Available for tractors, trailers, combines, sprayers, forage harvesters Рin fact anything with wheels!

Central Tyre Inflation System

Why Choose CTIS?

  • Up to 10% less fuel consumption
  • Up to 20% less tyre wear
  • Projected 6% increase in yield due to reduced soil compaction
  • Up to 20% more traction
  • Better Self Cleaning Of Tyre Tread In The Field
  • Change Pressure While Moving
  • Longer Working Season, Especially In Wet Areas
  • Tested to last more than 10,000 hours
  • Pneumatically controlled check-valves (Seals and air lines are only pressurised during pressure change)
  • No loss of pressure in case of damaged air lines or leaks


  • Increased Grip & Stability On The Road







Our CTIS system allows the farmer to change pressures from inside the cab at the touch of a button, either on a dedicated control panel or built into the tractor display. This can be done while in motion and at any speed. The air supply comes from an on board engine driven compressor. Trailer and implement tyre pressures can also be controlled from inside the tractor.

The CTIS system is easy to fit and will deliver a very quick return on investment. Please read our presentation for more information and contact us to discuss what we can do for you.